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"Bo Munthes Dirty Dozen" Camp!

Bo Munthes Dirty Dozen Camp is a annual training camp of pure explosive self defence. We bring together 12 of the leading instructors from different art and styles in same place who will demostrate the best techniques for an explosive and efective self defence from their style. A great chance for everybody to learn from the best, not only for other instructors but also for you who knows nothing about Martial Art. The order of these events can be changed over time for different reasons.
The word Goshinjutsu in Japanese means "The way of Self Defence".

The "Bo Munthes Dirty Dozen" Camp will take place in the end of August every year in a different member country every time. In each member country Goshinjutsu International has an Ambassador that represent us. Today we are represented in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Turkey, Canada, USA, Tunisia and Nepal. Over time we will find ambassadors in more countries that are interested to be a part of a bigger Martial Art Family.
If you are interested to be one of the 12 in the next upcomming "Bo Munthes Dirty Dozen" or to become a Ambassador for your country, please contact our Executive Vice President Jörgen Lindberg. You can do this here!

2018 Stockholm-Sweden. 24-26 August
Adress: Döbelsgatan 64 Stockholm (JSK Teakwondo)
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Ambassador/Cheifinstructor: Per Lindmark
Executive Vice President: Jörgen Lindberg

poster Goshinjutsu 2018 sweden

Instructors 2018
Robert Gabrielsson-Bujinkan-Sweden
Serdar Kaleli-Ronin Ryu Dojo-Turkey
Paul Rice-Goshinjutsu-United Kingdom
Krzysztof Adamczyk-Fu Shih Kenpo-Norway
Tero Kukkonen-Goshinjutsu-Finland
Rasmus Blomqvist-Goshinjutsu-Sweden
William Eyre-Goshinjutsu-Canada
Slavo Gozdzik-ESDS-Sweden
Mikael Jansson-ESDS-Sweden
Thomas Geppert-Goshinjutsu-Germany
Magnus Hansson-Goshinjutsu-Sweden
Magnus Degéus-US Han Moo Kwan Hapkido -Sweden
Friday: Instructors 17.00, Attendees 19.00-22.00, Kick Off Training
Saturday; 09.30 - 18.00
Sunday; 11.00 - 14.00 Martial Art Demostrations (audiance aloud)
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2019-23-25th of August Istanbul-Turkey

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Serdar Kaleli
Berk Karadeniz
Camp General: Jörgen Lindberg


Instructors 2019

2020 London-United Kingdom

Ambassador/Cheifinstructor: Paul Rice
Executive Vice President: Jörgen Lindberg

poster Goshinjutsu 2020 uk

Instructors 2020
Paul Rice-Goshinjutsu-United Kingdom

2021 Trondheim-Norway

Ambassador/Cheifinstructor: Krzysztof Adamczyk
Executive Vice President: Jörgen Lindberg

poster Goshinjutsu 2021 norway

Instructors 2021
Krzysztof Adamczyk-Fu Shih Kenpo-Norway

2022 Helsinki-Finland

Ambassador/Cheifinstructor: Tero Kukkonen
Executive Vice President: Jörgen Lindberg

poster Goshinjutsu 2022 finland

Instructors 2022
Tero Kukkonen-Goshinjutsu-Finland

2023 Germany

Ambassador/Cheifinstructor: Thomas Geppert
Executive Vice President: Jörgen Lindberg
poster Goshinjutsu 2023 germany
Instructors 2023
Thomas Geppert-Goshinjutsu-Germany

2024 San Fransisco-USA

Ambassador/Cheifinstructor: William Eyre Canada
Ambassador/Cheifinstructor: Aaron Parker USA
Executive Vice President: Jörgen Lindberg

poster Goshinjutsu 2024 canada usa

Instructors 2024
William Eyre-Goshinjutsu-Canada
Aaron Parker-Goshinjutsu--USA
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