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Hanshi Jörgen Lindberg

President Goshinjutsu International

Sensei JörgenLindberg is the founder of GJI together with Soke Bo Munthe in Sweden 2016 and the present Presidet of Goshinjutsu International. Member No: 0002

Hanshi Per Lindmark

Vice President Goshinjutsu International

Sensei Per Lindmark and Sensei Jörgen Lindberg arranged the first "Bo Munthe Dirty Dozen" camp in Stockholm 2018 with great succes. Member No: 0003

Hanshi Magnus Hansson

General Secretary Goshinjutsu International

Sensei Magnus Hansson keeps an eye on the rest of us. All possible payments to GJI must always pass through him, without exception. Member No: 0004

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