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Definition Self Defence 

Definition Self Defence:

Self-defence is the tool we have in lawful terms to defend ourselves and others against anything that can threaten, damage, destroy or hurt;

1. Physical
2. Mental
3. Health
4. Property

The basic rule is that we can use a counter response to an attack whose level just exceeds the threat or violence we are exposed to.
In order to simplify the rule regarding the use of force, we can use the following example: "If someone tries to hit you with a car, you can use a truck".

The same second as the threat is absent and beyond we must cancel our countermeasure. Any countermeasures that exceed this is considered to be excess and then, in the opinion of the law in most countries, your actions become a crime. This mean that we are not personally allowed to punish anyone for their actions, it is up to the state and the court of the country to claim revenge in respect of different types of punishment.


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