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Goshinjutsu International was founded in the summer 2017 in Stockholm, Blackeberg by Bo.F.Munthe, Mu Te Jinen Ryu and Jörgen Lindberg, Ronin Ryu Dojo together with a legal document. We are a non-political, non-religious, non-profit, non-governmental organization. Goshinjutsu International aims to use any surplus from our BMDD camps to create a recurring reward every other year, known as the "Golden Eagle Reward". A reward that goes to a board appointed person, club, dojo or organization that in some way brought something that favors non-sports based Martial Art in some way. The Martial Art Nobel price if you like. The eagle stands for power, freedom and focus.

After the president retires or dies the positiont is passed on, in this case the natural order is that the vice president will be the new president if the sitting president has not declared anythig else in writing. 

The title "Emiritus President" is used for a former president or vice president in the organisation that retires from the position. Emeritus or Emerita is a title used in combination with the professional title of professors when they retire.  It indicates that they still have certain obligations and rights attached to the previous position and the same goes for Goshinjutsu International.

  President (9-10 Dan) President of the organization.
Vice President, board member (9-10 Dan)

Vice president of the organization. Vice president is also the next of one or more persons in line to be choosen by the present President to the President position.
Emeritus President = Former President & Vice President (9-10 Dan)

A President or Vice President that choose to step down from his or her active duties will get the title Emeritus President and will hold the same respect & honor as the active ones.
Country Ambassador/Cheif Instructor for a Country  (7-10 Dan)
Technical Adviser (8-10 Dan)

Country ambassador is a high ranked Martial Artist that represent Goshinjutsu International in a specific country
Ambassador, low ranked or non ranked person that represent a specific country or a part of a country.

Ambassador is appointed by the president & Vice president together.
Country Secretary

A person connected as secretary to a Country ambassador

Other titles

  TDDC Professor Self Defence
8 times as a TDDC campinstructor, minimum 8 Dan or equal.
TDDC instructor certficates are given to instructors according to the list but only to persons that are active as members within Goshinjutsu International between the camps aswell. This means that the person that holds a Goshinjutsu International certificate is a person that holds a high quality and knowledge within the area of effective self defence. This person is also highly recomended as such by Goshinjutsu International.      
  TDDC Master Self Defence
6 times as a TDDC campinstructor, minimum 6 Dan or equal.
  TDDC Specialist Self Defence
4 times as a TDDC campinstructor, minimum 5 Dan or equal.
  TDDC Instructor Self Defence
2 times as a TDDC campinstructor, any Dan rank.
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