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munthe First President &  co Founder
Goshinjutsu Internationals first president left us the 6th of August 2018.
He will allways be remered as the father of the Swedish and European Ninjutsu, the founder of Mu Te Jinen Ryu 1977, the founder of Goshinjutsu our friend and mentor.

Together with Jörgen Lindberg he created Goshinjutsu International during 2016-2017 with the wish to build an international Martial Art family that together will develop Goshinjutsu over time in order to keep the art updated in all aspects.

President & co Founder
Jörgen Lindberg
Vice President
Per Lindmark

 General Secretary
Magnus Hansson
Responsible Technical Adviser 
general secretary

Our Member Countries:
William Eyre
Country Ambassador & Cheifinstructor
Tero Kukkonen
Country Ambassador & Cheifinstructor
canada finland
Thomas Geppert
Country Ambassador & Chiefinstructor
Krzysztof Adamczyk
Country Ambassador & Chiefinstructor
germany norway
Per Lindmark
Country Ambassador & Chiefinstructor
Jalel Bel Hadj
Country Ambassador & Chiefinstructor
sweden tunisia
Serdar Kaleli
Country Ambassador & Chiefinstructor
Paul Rice
Country Ambassador & Chiefinstructor
turkey uk
Aaron Parker
Ambassador & Chiefinstructor

If you want to join as an ambassador for your country, please contact our Vice President Jörgen Lindberg. You can do this here 
Goshinjutsu International is an umbrella organisation based on membership for singel persons, dojos, companies and organisations that focus on pure effective self defence in some way. Goshinjutsu means "Self Defence". The near future goal is to transform into a federation. The membership is primary use to finance our official website, research and for other administrative purpose.

Our organisation base is to have what we call an ambassador in each country of the world that also will be a member of the board. We choose our ambassadors very carefully. This is a person that should be very creative in his or her work to promote our organisation and activities in all possible ways. An ambassador should also have very high techniqual skills, a high level when it comes to etics and moral and to understand the concept of; Danger is Real - Fear is a Choice.

The ambassadors belt ranks within our organisation is based on the rank they have within their own art/style. However, a certain belt graduation will also be made in the name of the  organisation even if this is not our main purpose. What is one of the main purpose is to issue instructor certificates in different levels. Goshinjutsu International will create education material in the form of manuals and videos. We will also arrange courses in the area of instructor pedagogics, CPR, anatomy, verbal self defence and more. Seminars and training camps will be the highlight of our activity. On top of all this Goshinjutsu International has created the "Golden Eagle Award".

The "Golden Eagle Award" will be given as a start, every second year to a person, dojo or organisation that has done something very good that benefits the non sport based martial arts in some way. Lets call it the Martial Art Nobel price if you like. The award contains a special diploma, medal and a donation based on any profits from seminars and camps. The eagle stands for power, currage, freedom and focus.

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