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Soke Bo Munthe


Bo Munthe 1943-2018 Our respect to a fallen warrior and friend! Goshinjutsu Internationals first president & co founder Shodai Soke Mu Te Jinen Ryu Also known as the Father of the European Ninjutsu. Shodai Soke Mu Te Jinen Ryu Goshinjutsu 15 Dan Bujinkan Taijutsu. Besides having one of the lead roles in todays classic movie "Ninja Mission" Munthe was a busy author of several books. He was also the European pioneer within the nobel art of "Verbal Judo" created in USA. Nobel becuse of Sun Tzu´s Art of War that says "The highets art of war is to win without getting involved in a battle". We all miss this great man, friend and Martial Artist, a man that is the direct reason to why many europeans today are involved in diffrent martial arts, a man with 50 years in the Dojo. All our respect and gratitude to him and to his family.

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